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  • 20130615
    Sorry for making this two parts, but I hit the character limit on part one. Where was I? Oh yes...


    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Not to be confused with the Masterpiece that is the original, or the atrocity that is '06, this game is a port of the Master System version,(the SEGA 8-Bit console), with some minor cosmetic changes from the Master System version. Unlike every other Sonic game, when you lose your rings, they are gone for good, no recovering any spilled...

    by Knuckles - Comments: 11 - Views: 472
  • 20130615
    As the title indicates, this is a guide to the seven Game Gear games on the eShop. All opinions expressed are my own, not the entire NOF staff, and I chose to do this on my own, because I have played most (5/7) of these games before their release on the 3DS Virtual Console. So, without further ado, a guide to the Game Gear

    What is the Game Gear? The Game Gear was SEGA's handheld console to rival the Gameboy. The major differences between the GB and GG were that the Game Gear was in color, Gameboy was in black and white, and the size difference. The Gameboy was a brick, but the Game Gear...

    by Knuckles - Comments: 3 - Views: 768
  • 20130728
    I wasn't here 2 days ago and was incredibly tired yesterday and forgot, so sorry about the delay.

    This Week's Poll: What was your first Nintendo Console?

    As always, if I somehow forget a console, feel free to remind me of the console I'm missing in the comments.

    Last Week's Winner

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack won almost...

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 11 - Views: 402
  • 20130719
    I'm done taking vacations for a few weeks, I think Razz

    Thanks again to True, for taking over for me last week.

    This Week's Question: Which Club Nintendo Elite Status reward did you go for this year?

    Last Week's Winner

    Twilight Princess wins over...

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 3 - Views: 350
  • 20130713
    Sorry about the late poll.  I've had a busy weekend preparing for my mission trip.  Anyways, on to the show!

    As you probably already know, our usual poll-man 3Dash is absent once again, exploring the Outlands.  So, I'll be handling today's poll once more.

    -This Week's Question
    In honor of the winner of last week's poll, this week's question is:
    What is your favorite game in the Legend of Zelda series?

    -Last Week's Winner
    I know I already spoiled it, but the winner of last week's question is...

    by True Hero - Comments: 9 - Views: 690
  • 20130706
    Ok, so I completely forgot about making this yesterday. Whoops.

    This week's question: What's Your Favorite First-Party Nintendo Series?

    I'm only including Nintendo games, not games that only come out on Nintendo systems, like... say, Layton. And remember... this is series. If there's only one game in a "series" it isn't a series, and therefor doesn't count.

    Maybe not the most original question, but I had to think up something fast.

    Last Week's Winner
    Valve won by a huge amount.

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 14 - Views: 446
  • 20130628
    I'm back from camp! (In case you didn't already know this.)
    I have to thank True Hero for covering the poll for me last week. Great job! Very Happy 

    This Week's Question: What is your favorite non-Nintendo video gaming first party?

    Last Week's Winner


    by KiDasharus - Comments: 7 - Views: 325
  • 20130621
    Since our usual pollster @3Dash is out toasting marshmallows with his Daybreak, I'll be running the show today.

    -This Week's Question!

    I'm sure most of you have been enjoying Animal Crossing: New Leaf as of late (I know I have).  It seems only logical that this week's question would be AC themed. So...
    What do you do with your extra bells?

    -Last Week's Winner

    Last Friday, we asked you to tell us which E3 game you were most excited to get your mitts on.  The results are in.  And...

    by True Hero - Comments: 5 - Views: 332
  • 20130614
    Alright! I'm tired, so I'll get straight to the point this week.

    This week's question: Most anticipated game at E3?

    This includes those games that were already announce, by-the-way. Remember that if I forgot a game I can add it to the poll(or if you remember a game after Saturday, ask one of the other Admins, because I won't be here.)

    Last Week's Winner

    Robotnik wins the tie-breaker over Hades!

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 7 - Views: 346
  • 20130607
    Alright, so this week's poll question is...

    Who is your favorite video gaming villain?

    As always, if I forgot to list someone(And I know for sure this time I will) tell me below.

    Last Week's Winner

    GameCube games for Wii U VC won!

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 12 - Views: 580
  • 20130606
    For the past decade, Animal Crossing as a series has captured the hearts of millions. Each entry has added many new features to the mix, but New Leaf goes farther than the previous entries did. Here are the reasons we feel New Leaf is the definitive Animal Crossing.

    The Mayor

    You are now, in the most noticeable update, the Mayor of your humble little town. Tortimer has moved out, and as you step in you are welcomed as the new mayor. Nobody knows exactly what happened to the real new mayor, but you claim to be him,...

    by Professor Clayton - Comments: 10 - Views: 429
  • 20130531
    Yay for corny titles~

    Anyway, this weeks poll is: What game do you hope to most for to be unveiled at E3?
    As before, if you have another suggestion, just tell me in the comments and I'll put in an option for it in the poll.

    Also, I haven't included anything in the poll that's already been announced to be there, like Super Smash Bros. 4.

    Seriously, though, I know there's something each of us really wants there, and I'm sure I missed a lot of your choices, so comment and I'll add them.

    Last Week's...

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 29 - Views: 837
  • 20130524
     [ Poll ]
    This week's poll: What's your most anticipated game of 2013 that hasn't been released yet?
    Note: I didn't include non-Nintendo games or games that have already been released (example: Sonic the Hedgehog 3D, Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons)

    And, if your favorite game isn't here, feel free to post what it really is in the comments.

    Oh, and I need a catchier name for this. Post your ideas for that in the comments too, if you want.

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 19 - Views: 618
  • 20130520
    There are now I can happily say, 2000+ posts, 38 users, over 100 topics, and over 10,000 page views that this forum has had since its creation on February 1st. I'd like to thank all of the active users for their support and help, and the staff for doing such a great job.
    As a new update, I've installed a scrolling toolbar on the top of the screen. Here is a quick rundown on the features of this new tool.

    The search box can be used to quickly find any forums relating to a particular word or phrase.

    You can share many things on various websites available.

    by Professor Clayton - Comments: 10 - Views: 398
  • 20130509
    In this new series of articles, the staff of NOF reflects upon their gaming history and they respond to a prompt about their first and fondest memories of a series.  Since this year is of course the year of Luigi, we thought it was fitting to start with our memories of the man in green.  Enjoy.   

    True Hero:
    Now let's see... I believe my first experience with the Man in Green was in Super Mario Bros. 3. Ideal played as Luigi while I did Mario. Me and Ideal probably formed a brotherly rivalry similar to Mario...

    by Wonder_Mask - Comments: 10 - Views: 368
  • 20130508

    After twenty-one years, Sonic is finally getting a 3D remake of his debut adventure. This 3D Classic is the 3rd and possibly second to last entry in SEGA's 3D Classic series, none of which have left Japan at the time of this writing.

    by Knuckles - Comments: 4 - Views: 325
  • 20130505
     [ Poll ]
    As I'm sure you noticed by now, NOF now has its very own Article section! This would have to be considered the first article. It takes the formatting of the Reviews, with the difference being that only the staff here can post an article. Guests can also reply to any of the articles, without signing up, but just these articles.
    How do you feel about the new setup? These can be used in a large variety of ways, including starting discussions, forum news, announcements and more.
    Please share your thoughts below!

    by Professor Clayton - Comments: 21 - Views: 1764

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