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Dillon's Rolling Western was the light in the distance when it was announced in 2011; as the 3DS's eShop was mostly full of remakes and DSiWare games at this point. The announcement of Dillon's Rolling Western, Pushmo, and Freakyforms: Your Creations Alive made some people very excited, and these 3 games started off the 3DS's eShop, really, even if it was half a year after the 3DS update including the eShop had aired. Of the 3, however, Dillon's Rolling Western was Action/Adventure, while Pushmo was Puzzle and Freakyforms: Your Creations Alive was Creative, with a little adventure.

Now, to the actual game, as mentioned, Dillon's Rolling Western is Action/Adventure. Dillon has to save each village(there are 10 of them) from the Grocks, who seek to eat each village's Scrogs. If the Grocks get to the village and eat all of your Scrogs, it's Game Over for you. The way you act against the Grocks is essentially running into them, which will take you to seperate screen to battle it out. However, it's not really an RPG, it's still more Action, with a unique way of attacking at that. You can hit, claw, and grind against enemies to destroy them, and you want to get this done as fast as possible, because every second spent battling the Grocks is another second the other Grocks are getting closer to the village. There can be up to 30-40 Grocks in a Day(each village's Grock raid lasts 3 days, with each day gradually getting harder), but don't worry. You're not alone. Along with the Action part of this game, it's also a Tower Defense. I did mention that each village has 3 raids, one each Day, well, it's not called a Day for nothing. At the start of each Day, Dillon can go out and mine minerals to sell or use for building up the defensive gates around each village, collect more Scruffles for the Scrogs to each(thus resulting in more Scrogs, giving you a bit more room for error, and a bit more cash at the end of each village), find secrets, remove obstacles, and set up Towers. The Towers act on their own, so you're free to just be Dillon, and not control 5 Towers AND Dillon. But, Tower building and planning becomes essential very fast, as there's really no way you're going to complete some levels without Towers.

As the game goes on, you'll learn you can find Heart Pieces(seems famliar...)and 3 will make an addition to your Health(I swear, it's like I've seen this somewhere before...). The music in this game is pretty good, giving you an Old Western feel, but not entirely, which is fine with me. The graphics they used are quite amazing though, even if a bit different than that of most other games, but still, they're pleasing to the eye(or at least, my eye)and you'll find yourself really liking the environment that Nintendo set up for each town. The 3D in this game is amazing, and what makes it even better is the size of each stage. Each stage is huge, and the 3D really conveys depth for this game nicely.

Now, this is all great so far, but I have the big flaw problem in this game. Unless you were born to play this game, you're going to be annoyed, frustrated, and have rage quit at least once or twice by the game's end. Each Day takes around 20-30 minutes to complete, 40 near the end, and each time you die, you've basically just wasted 30 minutes of your life. This is the only real problem I had with this game, and the rage quitting is what took me nearly a year to complete it. Of course, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there more patient that I am, and some that are less patient that me, so really this issue depends on how patient you are. Also, and this only applies to some people, this game can be hard to control, feeling that you have to do everything with your left hand.

Overally, I give this an 7.5/10. While majorly annoying in an area, the music, graphics, and gameplay make up for it.

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Review: Dillon's Rolling Western (3DSDL) Sig

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Professor Clayton

Post on Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:33 pm by Professor Clayton

I don't think you should rate it lowly for its difficulty. Otherwise Mega Man would have gotten a 1.
And you forgot to mention controls, a very important feature.
But otherwise, good review! Very Happy I like the fact that this is more organized than the last one~ :3

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Post on Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:53 pm by KiDasharus

I did mention the controls, I just didn't go into depth with them. "Also, and this only applies to some people, this game can be hard to control, feeling that you have to do everything with your left hand."

I didn't rate it for it's difficulty, I'm fine with difficult games. I rated it for the fact that each time you die, that's like 30-40 wasted minutes, unlike, say, Mario, in which every time you die you've wasted 2 minutes. I seriously have rage quit this game more than once simply because I was mad that I died and didn't want to waste another 30 minutes of my life.

But yeah, I'm cool with difficult games(like VVVVVV), it's just how long each level is that annoys me.

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