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  • 20131210
    Special Guest:Happy
    Ladies and Gentlemen! Are you ready for the showdown of the century? This week's match pits several devious strongmen against each other, all of whom are capable of administering devastating beatings. You all must know what series this week is:
    NOF Articles Punch_Out_logo
    Ah yes, the series that helped shape the NES era. People generally tend to remember the NES game the most, likely because of it's celebrity endorsement, but there were two arcade games, a spinoff, and of course, sequels...

    by Wonder_Mask - Comments: 3 - Views: 1159
  • 20131204
    Hey guys. It's Dash, filling in for True this week as I'm a faithful fan of a certain series that is the topic of this week's poll. Here we go!

    NOF Articles RilEEkD

    Kid Icarus, the fun little series that started on the same date Metroid did so long ago. Kid Icarus Uprising, specifically, is my favorite game of all time. A lot has changed in the roughly 25 years that Kid Icarus has been around, as it went from a 2D adventure to a 3D Third-person shooter. Pit isn't a low level fool anymore. But at the same time, neither are his enemies.

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 8 - Views: 1563
  • 20131119
    Sorry about the wait, everyone.  I can only say that the combined might of school, Pokemon, and forgetfulness is very strong.  Huh.  School and Pokemon.  I wonder what a School of Pokemon would be like?  I'd like to go there.  Oh!  Sorry.  Got sidetracked again.  On to the poll!

    This Week's Series!

    NOF Articles WarioLandLogo_3

    Now, I'm sure some of you are saying, "Wait, what!?  Wasn't Wario chosen as the Best Mario Villain?  What is True thinking!?".  And I'd answer, "You're right!"....

    by True Hero - Comments: 5 - Views: 1201
  • 20131017
    Sorry for being late.  Pokemon Y is just too engrossing.  Love it.  Also, thanks to @Wonder_Mask for guest starring last week.  Anywho, enough about that, because this week's series is...

    NOF Articles 334px-Kirby-Logo_neusvg

    Yes, it's Kirby.  He's the delightful little vacuum bag that showed us it's ok to suck.  The super tough pink puff has been devouring hordes and copying powers since the Game Boy days, so it's safe to assume that he's got more than a couple of enemies.  But these aren't just run-of-the-mill...

    by True Hero - Comments: 8 - Views: 985
  • 20131006
    Challenger Approaching! Happy_Mask!  Sorry for the delay gentlemen, Technical difficulties.  
    This Weeks series:
    NOF Articles Logo
    This delightful series only recently became popular amongst the masses with the release of Fire Emblem Awakening, as previous entries were much more unforgiving due to the forced perma-death feature.  The first 6 games were only released in Japan, but America received 7 through 11 after some interest in the series was shown by western audiences during the early Gamecube era.  12 was once again Japan...

    by Wonder_Mask - Comments: 8 - Views: 1419
  • 20130926
    And now, it's time for another Staff Top 5s!

    Today, we staffers list our top 5 games we couldn't seem to pull ourselves away from, at least for a while.

    Professor Clayton

    1) Animal Crossing Series; The only time I enjoy doing chores.
    2) Pokèmon Series; Gotta Catch 'em All!
    3) Kid Icarus Uprising; with it's amazing story and millions of possible weapons to make.
    4) Scribblenauts Series; especially the amazing sandbox home screen.
    5) Dragon Quest IX; it's the most addicting RPG I've ever played, with a literally endless variety...

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 6 - Views: 809
  • 20130924
    Wow.  We're already seven weeks in.  You guys have really made this an awesome ride so far.  I'd like to thank @Ideal for filling in for me last week.  Kudos to you~
    Now, without further delay, here's this week's series!

    NOF Articles StarFoxLogo

    Ah yes, Starfox.  This classic Nintendo series has pushed into new frontiers and entertained us with quotable quotes.  While the series has had its ups and downs (Starfox Adventures, what are you?), it still lingers in the hearts of many Nintendo fans.  Speaking of lingering,...

    by True Hero - Comments: 6 - Views: 747
  • 20130919
    Hey all! Ideal Hero here! I'm filling in for True for this week's poll because this series is so near and dear to my heart. Sorry about it being late, but True told me I that I would be doing the poll a day after the deadline. Silly True.
    Anyways, this week's franchise is the:

    NOF Articles Zelda_logo

    The Legend of Zelda is a beloved action/adventure series that takes place in the land of Hyrule. The series bears the name of Princess Zelda, one of the series' stars, but the protagonist of the series is the...

    by Ideal Hero - Comments: 6 - Views: 969
  • 20130911
    Sorry for being a day late.  I was rejoicing by playing many games yesterday due to a personal victory.  But enough about me.  You're here to pick the next contestant for our search.  Actually, 'pick' is the perfect word this series.

    NOF Articles Pikmin_logo

    Ah, Pikmin.  Shigeru Miyamoto's creative real-time strategy game.  The series' protagonist Captain Olimar must utilize the unique abilities of the Pikmin to explore a mysterious alien world.  However, there are many fearsome beasts that would like nothing more than...

    by True Hero - Comments: 5 - Views: 800
  • 20130903
    We're now at Week 4 of our search for the Ultimate Nintendo Villain.  Sometimes a villain is a threat because of how powerful he is.  Other times, however, he is a threat because of the resources he controls.  The villains of this week's series are perfect examples of this.

    NOF Articles English_Pok%C3%A9mon_logo

    Yes, Pokemon....

    by True Hero - Comments: 12 - Views: 877
  • 20130914
    This is a new article on NOF, with the Staff all helping out! I started off giving 10s, but as that may be hard, from now on it'll be 5s.

    This week's topic is: relaxing games!


    1). Animal Crossing New Leaf (or the series)
    2). Scribblenauts (series) You can do whatever you want, literally
    3). Colors 3D!

    4).Wii Sports
    5). Wii Sports Resort
    6). Let's Tap
    7). I don't have one, but my neighbor does, Harvest Moon. Very relaxing.
    Cool. Tetris... it relaxes me anyway, not sure about others :p

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 4 - Views: 521
  • 20130912
    NOF Articles Yacht_Club_Games_logo

    Today we have an interview with Nick Wozniak of Yacht Club Games!

    Ninty Online Forums: To start off, what is Shovel Knight, for those that don't know?

    Nick Wozniak: Shovel Knight is a sweeping classic action adventure game with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and an 8-bit retro aesthetic. It's a game that should be very reminiscent of great games from the past like Castlevania, Zelda 2, and Mega Man while also being...

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 6 - Views: 857
  • 20130908
    Some games are classics and are worthly of a remake such as Ducktales and Ducktales: Remastered. Others are complete garbage and weren't worth the cartridge or disk they were distributed on.

    What game would you like to see remade? Some of you might think I would love Sonic 3 & Knuckles remade in Glorious HD ala Sonic Generations. While I would love to see that or a 3D Classic version, thats not the game I am going with. A game I think should be remade is Sonic the Hedgehog. Not the 1991 version.

    by Knuckles - Comments: 10 - Views: 634
  • 20130906
    I decided it was time for a name change. Because.

    Deal with it.

    The week's question: Opinions on 2DS?

    Last week's winner: Ok, before I say the winner, lemme just say. 2 votes. Really?

    Super Mario Galaxy wins the title of best Mario game from two people on NOF.

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 9 - Views: 756
  • 20130829
    Today, as many of you probably know, Nintendo announced the Nintendo 2DS($129), a non foldable 3DS, but without 3D capabilities, a Limited Edition Zelda Wind Waker Bundle, and a Wii U Deluxe $50 dollar price cut.

    NOF Articles Thcaex11

    by Knuckles - Comments: 6 - Views: 959
  • 20130903
    NOF Articles Teyon-logo

    Today we have a special new feature, an interview with Aneta of Teyon!

    Ninty Online Forums: To start things off, what games do you have coming out for the 3DS eShop?

    Teyon: As you may have already heard we have quite a few games headed for Nintendo eShop in the next 6 months. Coming up very soon is one from the Crazy Chicken series, Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut but this time the shooting frenzy takes place on...

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 6 - Views: 774
  • 20130831
    Yay for 3 day weekend!

    (Still forgot to put this up yesterday ._.)

    Poll of the Week: What is your favorite Super Mario game?

    Note that this applies only to main series Mario.

    Last Week's Winner: We think Nintendo has enough IPs, but is lacking in the Third Party department.

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 1 - Views: 591
  • 20130827
    It's that time of the week again!  Who's ready to find the best villain of another classic Nintendo series?  The correct answer should be, "All of us, Mr. Hero!".  I won't keep you waiting then, because this week's series is...

    NOF Articles Metroidlogo

    The series that threw the world for a loop, Metroid tells the tale of the tough-as-nails bounty hunter Samus Aran as she struggles to rid the galaxy of the titular Metroids.  Her foes, however, are ruthless and have a nasty habit of not staying dead.  Only...

    by True Hero - Comments: 7 - Views: 668
  • 20130820
    Sorry I'm late.  I've been wrapped up in a big paper.  Serious business and all that.  Anyways, without further ado...
    This Week's Series!

    NOF Articles Mother_-_Earthbound_logo

    While this name might be unfamiliar to some, you'd probably recognize the second game in the series as EarthBound.  This quirky and unique trilogy contains some of the most bizarre and sinister villains I've ever seen.  But which one will have the PSI to come out on top?  You decide.

    Last Weeks Winner!

    by True Hero - Comments: 9 - Views: 1163
  • 20130824
    Ugh. I feel terrible because of this cold I have. I just barely have enough energy to play video games...

    So I missed last week, and almost missed this week Embarassed so, fail on my part.

    PotW: Do you think Nintendo needs more IPs and/or more third party support?

    2 weeks ago's winner: Apparently you guys will play a tough-as-nails game to completion just to have bragging rights.

    Note: I didn't include "too many 3rd party games" because, well, I'm not sure that's...

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 1 - Views: 503
  • 20130809
    I'm in a hurry again. /lamequestion

    Last Week's Winner: 3DS

    Question: Do you enjoy difficult games?

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 5 - Views: 560
  • 20130806
    I've decided that it's about time we discovered just who the biggest, baddest villain in Nintendo's rogue gallery is.  However, one poll just couldn't handle all that evil at once, so we'll have to weed the pretenders from the contenders first.  Each poll in 'The Search' will gather together all the main antagonists from one Nintendo series.  That way, no ne'er-do-well will be left out.  Are you ready?  Because this week's series is...

    NOF Articles Super_mario_bros

    by True Hero - Comments: 15 - Views: 879
  • 20130710
    With every release of Animal Crossing, there is expected to be a number of glitches and easter eggs in the game itself. While many easter eggs have been found, this glitch is not very well known to many users, especially outside of Japan.

    For this glitch, which is definitely not a hack or a cheat, you need a Tweeter. Remember those things at Birthday parties, where you blow into the one end and the other end fills with air and sticks out? That is the item, and is difficult to obtain for some. Streetpassing one person multiple times in Animal Crossing New Leaf rewards you with gifts from...

    by Professor Clayton - Comments: 3 - Views: 2163
  • 20130804
    Sorry for the delay, had games to play, Eggmen to scramble. Without further ado, PART 3!

    Defenders of Oasis

    Unlike Fire Emblem and Shining Force, this RPG takes place in the desert instead of midevil Europe, and believe it or not, change is good. The main character is on a quest to rescue a princess, sounds simple enough, but it never is. The battles play like The Sword of Hope 2, while you explore towns and cities like one would in a Pokémon game. The game is particularly fun, and is well worth the $4 dollar asking price.

    Crystal Warriors

    This RPG unlike...

    by Knuckles - Comments: 10 - Views: 715
  • 20130802
    I'm busy right now so I'll make this quick and to the point.

    This Week's Question: What Nintendo console do you love the most?

    Last Week's Winner: Lots of people started loving Ninty after they got a GameBoy, apparently!

    Oh, and in case you haven't seen it or participated in it yet, there's a new daily(ish) poll over on the left you can take. Feel free tp leave Yes/No idea polls below, because there's no way I'll be able tp do every day very well.

    And finally, I'll be gone until Wednesday, so the daily poll won't be updated until then after tomorrow.

    by KiDasharus - Comments: 9 - Views: 691

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