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Review: Theatrhyrhm Final Fantasy (3DS) Empty Review: Theatrhyrhm Final Fantasy (3DS)

Modern Memories
Final Fantasy is a long lasting series that dates back to over 25 years ago. Throughout the years, many fans have played these wonderful RPGs, enjoying the rollercoaster of a story in each new game. The series reached its 25th anniversary last year, and as such, released a special anniversary game; bringing the series to the 3DS.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is almost a pure music game. Entirely touch screen controlled, you tap and slide your way through all of the main story Final Fantasy games, accompanied with actual songs from that game. You do so in order to collect Rhythmia. The story is fairly light, and isn't even necessary for this game. Rhythmia is needed to restore the Music Crystal to its past radiance. Rhythmia can be gained by playing the levels of classic games.
What would a Final Fantasy anniversary be without classic characters? There are over 20 characters to choose from, including Squall, Tidus and Bartz. Other fan favorites can be unlocked in game by collecting colored Shards; 8 of one color nets you a new player. You assemble a party of 4 to embark on this adventure, with each character having different stats and abilities to use to help win the level. Stats help more in specific sections than others, giving an option to make the most of each level. Each character can be leveled up by gaining experience after each song, eventually capping at 99.
Items can also be equipped to help in certain scenarios, as well as abilities. But completing a level with nothing equipped nets you a Stotic bonus, but weaker characters.
Of course this is all easily avoidable if one would simply like to play the game. There are multiple songs included from each game in the main story mode of the game. Every game in the series is a level in TRFF, with there being 13 in all. Every level starts and ends with a simple screen tapping minigame to gain extra shards. This can be skipped, but it does include the opening and closing story to each game.
First you are most likely to encounter a Field Music Stage, or FMS. On the top screen, your character automatically walks right to left in a wonderfully animated scene. The backgrounds are vibrant and cartoony, and fit each game perfectly. On the bottom screen you must tap all of the incoming points, and slide and hood when required. Every point is color coded to simplify matters. The better you perform, the faster your character moves. If you get far enough before the song ends, you can get an item prize to use. This mode is fairly relaxing and enjoyable, although every cue you miss diminishes your health bar.
Up next is the Battle Music Stage (BMS). The BMS has all four of your adorable characters standing on the right sifde of the top screen. Monsters appear from the left side, and are enemies from the actual Final Fantasy games. The bottom screen has more points to tap, drag and hold the stylus on. They are seperated into 4 rows, one for each character. This is where items and powers come i handy, as by fulfilling criteria they are activated. Every few seconds, if you hit the points, your characters will attack the enemy. Using these tactics, you battle your way through enemies ranging from generic to bosses from the original games. These enemies all vary in health accordingly. Every time you miss a note, the enemy attacks you depleting your health bar. This round is intense and more difficult than FMS.
The final stage is an Event Music Stage (EMS). Here you have an auto-scrolling cue on the bottom screen. You must tap and hold as the light passes over the notes, again taking damage as you miss. On the top screen a beautiful cut scene plays out, and they are breathtaking. Every cut scene uses actual game footage from the Japanese version of each game in the series you will be sure to remember from past games. Most will bring a tear to the eye of any hardened gamer over past adventures. The scenes from Final Fantasy XIII especially look amazing, possibly the best 3DS graphics to date.
The other modes include a treasure room, where you can unlock characters, awards, and more. Some things take an absurdly long amount of time to unlock however, even long for the most decicated to unlocking.
Another way to play the levels individually is a mode that lets you choose each level. You can choose different difficulties, ranging up to expert, to play at. Some stages are nearly impossible to beat though, and require nearly 3 minutes of perfect tapping and holding.
Another mode is the Chaos Shrine. You get a random pair of levels to plsy, a BMS and a FMS. Chaos Shrine has its own songs to play as well, so it is a feature well worth checking out. Streetpass also comes into play here, with you trading a pair pf unlocked levels with friends. Your Prificard is also exchanged, with customizeable information about your game and characters.
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Review: Theatrhyrhm Final Fantasy (3DS) Claysig_copy
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Review: Theatrhyrhm Final Fantasy (3DS) :: Comments

Professor Clayton

Post on Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:48 pm by Professor Clayton

Sorry it was so long guys, but it is a wonderful game. :3

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Capn' Pancakes

Post on Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:03 pm by Capn' Pancakes

Great review Clay! I spent about 26 hours on it in two weeks and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Professor Clayton

Post on Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:20 pm by Professor Clayton

@Capn Yeah, I spent 32 hours on it and then got bored. But I really enjoyed it~

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